Outdoor Turkey Fryers

We decided to start Outdoor Turkey Fryers because we want people to know that an oven is not the only way to prepare a turkey. Being a fried turkey aficionado myself I decided to make a site all dedicated to deep fried goodness.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about deep frying a turkey, the best outdoor turkey fryers, what safety gear you need, deep fried turkey recipes and a detailed how to section.

Once you’ve tried a deep fried turkey you’ll never want an oven roasted bird again. You’ll never taste a juicier and crispier bird, it’s pure decadent goodness.

No more dry overcooked birds as the hot oil instantly seals in the juices, and for the crispy skin lovers, this is crispy skin heaven. A deep fried turkey will win you over no doubt about it, you just have to give it go!

Any questions you have, you’ll can find the answers here. Deep frying a turkey is not rocket science, it’s just a couple of simple steps you need to follow, that’s all, there’s nothing to it.

I have made a selection of the best outdoor turkey fryers should you need help finding one. I used my own experiences and those of fellow deep fryers combined with the reviews people left on Amazon to come up with the best choices. There’s also a selection of the best safety gear and turkey fryer accessories.

All the gear and turkey deep fryers can be easily purchased from Amazon, a trusted retailer which offers the lowest prices and free delivery most of the time.

I hope you’ll try a deep fried turkey this Thanksgiving or Christmas and don’t forget you can have deep fried turkey any time, not just on special occasions. A garden party with friends, a nice cold beer and a deep fried turkey is a sure winner too!

Let me end by wishing you a fantastic Thanksgiving and Christmas and may good fortune come your way.

Enjoy your bird!